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I'm excited to share my new book with you -- The Other Side


In the summer of 2009, my family and I were facing the most difficult challenge we had ever faced. Tattered and torn, we were barely able to function. It seemed that a lifetime of winning and a legacy of stability had finally reached its breaking point. Everything that mattered was weighing in the balance. It seemed every breath would be our last. 

Friends and supporters that once held to every word we spoke, were nowhere to be found. Like sailors jumping from a sinking ship. Then again, who could blame them? Our ship was sinking; and sinking fast, it was. Most were amazed that we were still afloat. Somehow and for some reason known only to God, we were still alive.

Everyday, we expected the next wave of disaster to sweep over the bough and finish off the nightmare we couldn’t seem to rise from. Beat up, bruised and battered by the worst storm we had ever faced; we were ready to give up and let life, or death, claim the last fragment of hope.

As we retrace our perilous journey of dreams, delusions and dilemmas; I hope that our trek will enlighten, inspire and challenge you to navigate your own path to freedom and peace.

This book is for every person who has faced a problem beyond their scope of understanding. For the pastor who resigns every Sunday afternoon in frustration, only to pick up the mantle again on Monday. For the marriage that has failed beyond the advice of counselors. For the businessman teetering on bankruptcy. For the addict relentlessly pleading for one more chance to be clean.

 This book may not solve your problems, but it is sure to give you hope that a solution is possible. As you engage in my life’s stories, find the reflection of yours.


The other side is not about quitters. It’s about relentless tenacity to survive and thrive. It not about our weaknesses, but rather our courageous drive to never give up on our dreams.

It is my prayer that this book become a window into the eternal soul called “you.” It is entirely possible that you too are facing paramount challenges that have brought you to your proverbial knees. The names and dates may look different, but it is the same evil conspirator who has targeted you.

The other side of your peril may look completely different than ours. Nonetheless, if you’re willing to explore the possibility of a fresh start and a better life, then this book is for you. I’m confident you’ll find yourself somewhere within these pages. 

One morning, not so far away, you’ll wake up and realize you’re no longer trapped in a nightmare. You’ve arrived at a place you barely dreamed existed, but exist it does and you’re there... The Other Side.  


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