Dave Howell


The Dreamer

I can remember as a boy, I was full of grand ideas and an overwhelming sense of purpose. Deep inside, I knew I was placed on this earth to do something that mattered. I had destiny living in me.  Now many years later, those dreams are more alive than ever before.  Every day, my desire is that someone would receive strength and encouragement through my efforts.  My challenge to you... make a difference in someone's life today. 

Regardless of the titles placed on my life: entrepreneur, apostle, musician, racer, father, grandfather & friend; my greatest desire is to be an inspiration to you.

The Journey

Embrace the purpose in going, more than the destination.

For more than thirty years, Tammye and I have walked side by side, thru good times and bad.  We are forever thankful for the many diverse and intriguing places our journey has taken us.  With each new sunrise, our journey grows ever more essential; recognizing the importance of embracing each step together.  

We invite you to walk along with us.

The Purpose

I am passionate about helping you achieve your dreams and reach your goals.  I believe it is possible to scale the highest mountain and cross the deepest sea.  The question is... do you believe?  I'm ready to help you achieve your greatest success.  Whether in business, ministry or music; my ultimate goal is to strengthen you with innovative ideas and faith-based strategies.  I believe your best days are ahead.

The World

A friend once told me I could get anywhere in the world from Muskogee.  As it turns out, he was right.  Today my dreams are challenged by this simple idiom.  Where do you want to go?  What do you want to do?  Resolve this first, then figure out the "how."  My graduating class from college was aptly named, World Changers.

Contact my team and ask how we can partner together.  Let's change the world!



  • Dave Howell is a true “Okie from Muskogee.” Born and raised in the hills of Northeastern Oklahoma, he enjoys life to the fullest. 
  • A 1985 graduate of Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He also attended Victory Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he helped establish the School of Worship; facilitating several areas of study, and serving as Assistant Director.
  • After a season in Oklahoma City, Dave returned to Muskogee, where he established several successful businesses and ministry objectives. He routinely serves on a handful of boards and committees in various communities. He is recognized for his keen insights and unique perspective.
  • Dave has many irons in the fire filling numerous roles. He stays busy with Premier USA, a staffing and consulting company he founded with his wife Tammye in 2015. They serve as Lead Pastors at The Bridge; a non-denominational church they founded in 2000. He also works with his son Austin in Howell Sound Company, selling pro audio, video and lighting gear; as well as, a full production music studio.
  • Dave’s expansive musical gifts as singer, songwriter and artist have afforded many opportunities to connect with a wide array of audiences across the nation. He performs at a high level behind several instruments. He can usually be found behind a guitar or piano laying down an inspiring groove. Currently, he serves as Vice-President of the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame.
  • Dave is widely known as the “Faster Pastor” from his years in dirt track racing. He not only drove in the dirt modified division, but also found creative ways to share the Gospel on his way to Victory Lane. He was always careful to note that his racing career was more about changing lives than winning races. To his credit, he accomplished both with great success.
  • He frequently travels to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with Project Dream Seeds where he helps facilitate the needs of underserved children; as well as, mentoring and coaching local business leaders, teachers and pastors.
  • In the board room, on stage, or behind the scene; Dave is equally comfortable with the various roles in which he is called to serve.
  • Dave is quick to note his days are most fulfilling with Tammye, the love of his life, by his side. Together, they truly believe they can change the world.
  • Dave & Tammye have one son, Austin, who serves alongside his father in many capacities. Without question, the best part of Dave’s day is time spent with family; especially his grandchildren, Graham & Hollyn.